Hi there, I'm Marco.

I'm a young professional in the crypto space focusing on investing, research, strategy, and venture building. This site will be utilized to document my own thinking, journey, and learning experience while also hopefully providing value for others.

Occasionally, I'll also write about global macro, world events, and life musings -- because sometimes I need to put it into writing to make sense of our crazy world.

Contact: Twitter


I currently lead Research at 📝✍🏻 Digital Asset Research (DAR), a crypto research and market data firm for institutional investors. Our work includes the FTSE Russel and Bloomberg crypto indices.

Careers at DAR
Careers Join the DAR Team DAR is looking for talented and motivated individuals who can help us deliver crypto pricing and market data to institutional investors. See our current openings below, and send your resume and a cover letter to jobs@digitalassetresearch.com to apply. DAR offers competitive…
We're Hiring!


Beyond my day job, I am involved with:

  • The Wagmi Journal🐱‍💻, a daily newsletter that recaps the crypto industry in 3-minutes.
  • Aldrin Labs🚀, a collective of crypto builders that has developed an AMM-based DEX with $1.5B+ in accumulated trading volume.
  • an awesome platform 🧪 (TBA) that connects investors with builders in the web 3.0 industry, bridging Emerging Markets and the crypto economy.

Research & Education

I spent the early years of my adulthood studying Engineering at Purdue University. After discovering crypto in late 2016, I spent my time reading and writing about the space instead of studying for my thermodynamics exams. My strength lies in having the fortunate timing and opportunity to understand opposite spectrums.

I'm an institutional-degen – who understands how legacy financial firms think about crypto, as well as what's happening with the latest DeFi project that tries to facilitate monkey JPEGs derivatives.

I'm a third culture kid – who understands how the US & other developed markets think about crypto, as well as how the space is developing in Emerging Markets.


I invest in the public and private digital asset market. On some occasions, I get hands-on with my investments, taking on active roles with a focus on research, token design, and strategic initiatives (go-to-market, branding, etc.) particularly surrounding emerging markets. If you're raising, my Twitter DM is open.

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